Home School Kits

Coming Soon

Looking for new ways to keep your little ones entertained and learning while out of school? We make it easy!

Easy Teaching

Our Home School Kits come with easy to follow curriculum and all of the materials needed to curate exciting learning experiences with your little ones. 


Pricing is to be determined as we are developing the Home School Kits. We estimate between $300-500/month.

Home Deliveries

Home School Kits are delivered to your doorstep once per month.

Unlimited Learning

You'll receive 40+ different projects and activities for daily learning fun!

Tailored Instruction

Our Home School Kits contain STEM and language development projects and activities that are tailored to your little ones' (1-year-old - 8th grade) learning and developmental milestones.

Contact us with questions!

Please call or email us with any questions at (832) 583-STEM or team@stembabysitting.com 

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